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Dental Molds


Since everyone's teeth are different, mold kits are required to fit your grill. Each time you order a grill from Gold Teeth Canada's online store, we will first ship out a mold kit. You can then follow the steps in this guide to get your teeth impression to send back to us!

Please note: If the instructions in this guide aren't followed closely, your mold kit may not turn out properly and we will not be able to use it to make your grill. If this is the case we will require a new mold to be taken which comes at a cost of $20 per top or bottom + shipping.


Step 1: Put your gloves on

No seriously! To maintain the integrity of the putty, as well as the fact that you probably don't want to get putty all over your hands, please use the provided gloves.

Step 2: Combine two putty balls

Portion the putty into four even balls, two blue and two yellow. The reason there are four balls is because there is enough putty included in your kit to take two molds, just in case the first one doesn't work out.

Putty Balls

Combine both balls of putty by kneading them together between your fingers. Whenever both balls are combined, the putty is activated. This means that you will need to take your mold right away.

Combine Putty Balls

Ensure the mixture is completely homogenous.

Combine Putty Balls

Step 3: Place the putty on your mold tray

The well mixed putty should be rolled so that it can be spread evenly across the tray.

Combine Putty Balls

Step 4: Take your impression

In order to get a good impression of your teeth, you'll need to ensure that (1) the putty is spread evenly across the mold to provide an impression of all of your teeth and (2) you leave enough room in front and behind your teeth to allow the putty to capture your gum line.

Place the tray in your mouth, aligning your teeth so that some putty will go both in front and behind your teeth when you bite down.

Combine Putty Balls

Bite down far enough to reach your gum line, but not all the way trough to the tray. Wait for 2 minutes to allow the putty to harden.

Combine Putty Balls
Combine Putty Balls

Allow the mold to set for about 5 minutes then place the tray with the putty still in it in the provided ziplock bag.


If you're using our prepaid return shipping service, shipping your mold back is as easy as 1-2-3. Place the ziplock containing your mold, still in its tray, into the return shipping envelope. Seal the envelope and drop it at your nearest FedEx dropoff point. The postage has already been pre-paid and a shipping label is already on the package!

If you're shipping your mold back using a mail service of your choice, mail the mold, still in its tray to:

CJS Designs Inc.
305 - 9664 106 Ave NW
Edmonton AB  T5H 0N4

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